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How To Provide Home, Education, Food and Medical, and Clean Water To Kids in Poverty?

Seven hundred million people living in developing countries, mainly in Latin America, Africa, and southern Asia, don’t have enough money to eat, can’t send their kids to school, and don’t have access to safe drinking water. These people are vulnerable to diseases, such as Malaria, killing approximately 1,200 people, mostly kids, every day in third-world countries


The good news is that it is easy to help. You can give modest amounts to charities such as Caridad Latinos that work to provide home, education, food and medicine, and clean water to kids in poverty, making a HUGE difference to hundreds of lives.


You can save lives while helping eradicate extreme poverty.

Why Giving?

There are many reasons why giving to charity is a selfless act such as

You Can Make A Difference

Reducing poverty and improving the health of one kid at a time is very rewarding as it is changing a life. Having the opportunity to make a tangible difference to those who need it most is a remarkable feeling that can only be experienced through the act of helping.

Feeling A Sense of Purpose and Pride

One of the core elements of feeling excellent about your life is feeling a sense of purpose and pride in what you do. Donating is an opportunity for you to live your value and increase the impact of your acts by offering opportunities to kids in need.

You Can Transform The Lives Of More People

Your charitable donation can transform the lives of many people in developing countries because services and goods are usually much more cost-effective than they are in first-world countries.


Poverty exists in all countries, and living in poverty is hard, no matter where you live. But the truth is that the Latino community is amid the groups of people who are more vulnerable to hunger and poverty.


Unfortunately, most Latinos experienced significant food insecurity as they don’t have access to critical nutritional foods to keep them healthy. But with your donation, you can transform the lives of many kids. After all, your greatness is not what you have; it’s what you give.





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