Do you know your donation can help transform the lives of the poor and homeless? Do you know being homeless can result in a state of mental imbalance? Do you know people with mental and physical health needs need food and shelter on their road to recovery? You can also be the symbol of hope by gifting them what will give them the hope to live again.

The number of poor people keeps increasing; there are billions of people living below the poverty line. The main index and metrics used in measuring poverty is food and shelter. It is pathetic to see billions of homeless people and billions of people that cannot afford to feed themselves daily. One of our primary responsibilities is to provide people with food and help the poor and providing shelter for the homeless.

Why you should consider donating

Food is essential to survival

Lack of proper feeding does not only have an immediate effect (hunger) on the body. It also has long term effects (malnutrition and deficiency). We need food for survival and proper functioning. If you want to remain consistent and live longer, food is essential.

Help reduce the crime rate

Are you aware of the fact that a hungry man is an angry man? Lack of proper feeding can make the poor a menace to the public. When people don’t have food or shelter, they can flood the streets to seek better alternatives to feed themselves (the better alternative might be threatening). The homeless are also left with the option of sleeping in the streets.

Donating to charity for food and house means you are giving life because food and shelter are the basic needs of man. It is possible to survive for days without food, but it is impossible to be healthy for days without food. The importance of good foods cannot be overemphasized. There is a famous saying that: ‘take your foods as drugs so you won’t take your drugs as food. Food is the perfect medicine for all ailments. When you eat well, you are healthy, and your immune system becomes stronger.

The bottom line: Donating to food and building home charity means you are making people live again and you are giving people the reason to sleep confidently under a roof

Do you want to join the cause today? Are you ready to donate to feed and house the poor people across the globe? Do you want to contribute to humanity? Kindly contact our customer support team so they can guide you through the process.