Homeless people can easily be ignored because many assume they are lazy or they spend money on drugs once you give to them. However, it is important to consider the homeless and donate for them because:
Offer comfort
Homeless people can make bad decisions that affect their current situation. Every good heart will attest to the fact nobody should spend the night in dangerous weather or the middle of a storm outside. Donating for the homeless will provide shelter to keep them warm and comfortable. Their comfort will affect them positively and may be the motivation they need to survive.
They are often humiliated
Avoid assuming that a homeless person looking for their money wants to live with other people or is not looking for a job. Many people are humiliated for living on the street. Understand that grace has brought you to where you are today. So donate to the course.
Lastly, always remember you don’t understand their situation more than they do. Be the reason why someone live will change for good today. Be the reason behind someone smile while sleeping under the roof while it is raining.